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Whether your legal issues are national or international, our team of experienced consultants will provide you with all the expertise you need.

Our lawyers are involved in all areas of business law. They provide cross-disciplinary, specific offers that are as close as possible to your concerns.

Deal Advisory – M&A

Our team is involved in all types of M&A, spin-off or partial asset contribution transactions and assists its clients throughout the entire transaction process:
– Legal due diligence
– Contract Negotiation
– Share Purchase Agreements
– Shareholders’ Agreements
– Asset and Liability Guarantee Agreements
– Formalities with the administrations
– Management of foreign investment in Morocco.

Corporate Law and Management Protection

Our lawyers assist and take care of the legal procedures of the company from its incorporation to its liquidation, passing through the various changes to the statutes that may occur during its life:
– Legal, social and criminal status of the company’s manager
– Establishment and monitoring of governance structures
– Incorporation of companies and legal secretariat
– Capital transactions (increase, decrease, and amortization)
– Management of statutory changes during the course of the company’s life
– Amicable dissolution

Competition and Consumer Law

Our team has a high level of expertise and privileged contacts which it makes available to its clients and assists them in all aspects of their activities relating to competition or consumer law.
– Analysis of economic concentration operations, preparation of notification files, monitoring and hearings before the Competition Council until obtaining of the antitrust clearance
– Advice on the lawfulness of practices between competitors and towards consumers
– Competition and Compliance Audits
– Assistance in proceedings initiated by the Competition Council
– Initiation and monitoring of proceedings for unfair or anti-competitive practices

Labour Law

Beyond the imperative of compliance with employment law, we help our clients to organize, preserve and fluidify the company’s social relations.
– Social due-diligence
– Advice and drafting of employment contract clauses
– Advice and drafting of contractual clauses specific for managers
– Social security contributions and taxation of wages
– Expatriation and employment contracts for foreign employees
– Management of the amicable termination of the employment relationship

Real estate and commercial leases

Our team assists its clients and private and public project owners in the legal structuring of their real estate projects from initiation to completion.

– Acquisition or sale of real estate, sale on future completion
– Acquisition or sale of goodwill
– Commercial, professional and residential leases
– leasing-management of goodwill
– Assignment of lease rights
– Co-ownership regulations

Commercial law and international contracts

Our team assists you in the management of contractual relations with your local and foreign partners. It takes care of negotiating and drafting your contracts in order to secure your rights and limit the scope of your obligations.
– Purchase and sale contracts
– Turnkey construction contracts
– Subcontracts
– Concession and delegated management contracts
– Financing contracts
– Distribution, commercial agency and franchising contracts

Personal data and cryptography

Our team regularly deals with cases of declaration or authorization of processing or transfer of personal data to the National Commission for the Control of the Protection of Personal Data. We also assist our clients in their dealings with the General Directorate for the Security of Information Systems (DGSSI).
– Analysis of the personal data processing process and proposal of the target procedure to be set up
– Constitution of files for declaring or authorizing the processing or transfer abroad of personal data
– Constitution of files for the declaration or authorization of the use of cryptographic means at the DGSSI
– Conducting compliance audits